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Chuck Buchanan, Founder

Chuck Buchanan

He was born in Elmira, New York on August 18, 1945. Chuck’s family moved to Waldo, Florida in 1959. After attending high school and community college, he joined the Navy in 1962 where he served aboard the US Nantahala. After two years of service, he returned to Waldo where he worked as a machinist and technician. In 1970, he began working on Volvos at a local service station and continued working on them until his passing in 2021.

In 1971, he married his wife Patti and the couple moved to Gainesville, Florida with their son Charlie and daughter Annette. There, Chuck began working at the Harfred Volvo dealership in 1972. He and Pattie welcomed the arrival of their daughter Carol in 1974.

Chuck Buchanan

The family moved to Greenville, South Carolina in 1979 when Chuck was transferred to the Volvo dealership there. After receiving an offer for employment one year later from the Volvo dealership in Tallahassee, Courtesy Cars, he moved his family back to Florida. While employed there, he attended the Volvo school for continued training and development each year. As a result, he held the title of “Master Volvo Technician” until he left in 1994. It was then that he began contracting his services to a local independent Volvo repair facility. Then, in April 1997 he opened Vol-Car which continues to provide master-level services to its customers. Today, Vol-Car stands as a testimony to Chuck’s high standards and determination to provide only the best service.

“When it comes to dedicated, professional automotive services for your vehicle, you have come to the right place. We are working to be Tallahassee’s leading provider of quality automotive services for all of your car maintenance requirements.”

-Chuck Buchanan

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