Volvo set the standard for automotive excellence decades ago.

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Vol-Car Sales & Service in Tallahassee, Florida applies that standard to every car we service regardless of the make or model.

That’s why we say Vol-Car For Your Car. We are fanatics about making sure each of our customers gets the highest level of technical service they need and enjoys the kind of personalized customer service they deserve. We service each vehicle with precision and provide detailed attention to every person we serve.

For more information on the services that we offer, or to schedule your next appointment, call us today! 850.942.4980

Our Hours & Location:

Since 1997, we have been earning the confidence of Tallahassee car owners. Today, we are among Tallahassee, Florida’s leading providers of quality, professional, and dedicated automotive services and repairs. Vol-Car Service & Sales is famous for offering highly skilled technicians and a level of customer service that has won the respect of Tallahassee car owners in the North Florida area.

Our Services Include:

We specialize in repairs, maintenance, and installation of everything on your vehicle, regardless of make or model. Our experienced team of mechanics has spent many years servicing Volvos and a wide range of other cars. Call or email us with the make and model of your vehicle to find out if we can be of service to you!

We understand the needs of every car owner because we spend the time and attention needed to learn how to best serve them. That superior level of Volvo customer care has made Vol-Car Service and Sales famous across the region.

Vol-Car For Your Car

We understand that you are passionate about your car. That’s why we take every step and precaution necessary to ensure you get the quality of service you deserve. Our goal is to provide you with timely, efficient, and affordable services while maintaining the high standards we have set for ourselves.